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Simply download our app and Register with your name and mobile no. and select your skin or hair problem which you want to cure by natural way and without any medicines.

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Do the conversation of your skin or hair problem with a naturopathic doctor. Our naturopathic doctor can help you with your progress so that you can see results.

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Get an instant treatments, free home delivery of kit, any time call or chat with expert Naturopathy Doctor. Keep follow treatments which are given by doctor and get surely 100% result.

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Join thousands of individuals just like yourself, who have re-discovered great Skin and Hair health with CleanSkin.

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We have made skin care easy and affordable thanks to technology.

Cure all problem by natural way and without medicines
Out Naturopathy Doctors will give very effective and without any side effect treatments. This treatments are cure your skin and hair problem by natural way without any medicines.

Daily Notification for Reminder to follow
Notification in the sense we stay connected to you daily with daily reminder. Reminders like what you will have to do today, what you should eat and drink at which time, what are the treatments for today.
So basically we will be continuously stay connected with you and will give reminder even of a little things through this notification feature.

Detail of Diseases

You will send your disease details with photographs through our communication mediums. You can directly mail us details of your disease. As per your disease and health issue, we will provide you detail of that disease including treatment schedule. We also give the detail of what you should eat at which time, what is more preferred for you at this time as per your diseases.

Conversation with Doctors

We will provide you the best Naturopathy doctors who will guide you according to your disease problem and health issue. They will continue be connected with you as per your requirements. They will give you the best and reliable treatment for that we will give you surity.

They will stay connected to you through calling, video calling, whatsapp chat and also through Email sending. Only the thing you need to give us is trust and stay connect with us.


Our Naturopathy doctors will give you the best treatments according to your disease. We will continuously remind you through notification in time. We will give live treatment through our other communication mediums. There are more than one Naturopathy doctors who will give you treatments as per your disease. We will give treatments based on timing i.e what you need to do for this current time.

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Know More About Treatments

Support Only Naturopathy Treatments In Any Diseases

There are many treatments therapy in the world, but the aim of Clean Skin is to give Naturopathy Treatments Therapy. Human body is made up of Nature (earth, water, fire, air and space), so Nature is only the thing which can solve all problems of body. That's why only Naturopathy Treatments Therapy can help to cure any diseases permanently.

Ask Question To Doctor For Cures Your Diseases

Any person can ask question to get knowledge of how to cure various diseases. You need not to hasitate to ask any kind of question. We are always be there to solve your problems.
We are always there to support your problems related to health and will give the best suggestions to you no matter how long our discussion will be gone.

Call to Discuss About Your Diseases

You can call to discuss about your diseases with our multi talented group of Naturopathy Doctors. And get cure details whenever you want from our team members. We always be taken care about your problems. We will take care of your problems personally.

Live Chatting To Discuss About Your Diseases

In this era of technology... We can be very close to each other through calling. We make one special Whatsapp Group for each person. In this group you will get Naturopathy Doctors which will guide you as per your health issues. So that we would have dedication to communicate with one person to do treatment carefully.

Transformers your skin problems to clean skin and make good looking skin by Naturopathy Treatments.

Our body is made by nature, so only natural way can solve skin and hair problem

Pricing plans for you

15 Days Treatments

1000 Rs.

  • 15 Days Treatments Service

  • Help to solve your skin or hair problem.

  • Full treatments and guide you regularly.

  • Send Notification (Or SMS) Regularly to Remind Treatments which you have to follow

  • Only one time payment you have to do (No Hidden Cost)

20 Days Treatments

1200 Rs.

  • 20 Days Treatments Service

  • Help to solve your skin or hair problem.

  • Full treatments and guide you regularly.

  • Send Notification (Or SMS) Regularly to Remind Treatments which you have to follow

  • Only one time payment you have to do (No Hidden Cost)